How can a donation help?

Collaborating with Biogipuzkoa HRI means contributing to improvements in health care. Your donation to Biogipuzkoa HRI leads to the following social benefits:

Research is crucial to achieving better results in the fight against current diseases and improvements in people’s quality of life. Your collaboration allows us to continue our work.

Collaborate with Biogipuzkoa HRI.

What are you investing in? Your donation will go towards …

  • Improving health care through biomedical research.
  • Searching for new, more effective treatments against current diseases such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc…
  • Creating jobs for scientific, technical and administrative personnel in our province.
  • Fostering economic and social development through companies that market the results of our research.
  • Boosting the generation of new researchers and technicians, who will reinforce and continue the activity of those professionals currently working at BioDonostia.
  • Adding value to the province of Gipuzkoa, contributing to it being known all over the world.

Your donation, however large or small, will help us achieve our mission to serve patients.

With your support of Biogipuzkoa HRI, you can actively participate in the funding of the Research Groups that make up the Institute. Your donations enable us to play a major role in the field of clinical research at the patients’ service.

Thank you.

IIS Biodonostia is a non-profit entity that was declared a Public Service Organisation in December 2014, thanks to its contribution in carrying out its activities in the interest of the common good in a generous, altruistic, solidary and plural fashion.


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