The Human Resources Unit deals with the efficient management and administration of the Institute’s personnel. It focuses on providing an efficient workforce to be able to reach the centre’s general objectives.


The functions carried out at the Human Resources department are listed below:

  • Preparation of job descriptions and analyses: this entails describing the general purpose of the job, as well as the responsibilities and duties that go with it, and the qualities that the person occupying the post must have.
  • Staff selection and recruitment: considered to be two phases of the same process. The process begins when a position becomes vacant, or a new position arises, for which people both inside and outside of the Institute may apply. The process ends when the candidate is accepted into the Institute, with their induction in the field of action.
  • Processing of contract hiring and dismissals.
  • Staff administration: this covers all those administrative duties related to controls of absenteeism, licences, wage settlements, attendance at conferences, etc.
  • Payment of wages and settlement of social security contributions and IRPF [Spanish personal income tax withholding].
  • Training, administration and management of personnel during their time at the Institute.
  • Maintenance of a Research Groups staff register.
  • Accident prevention and health and safety at work: regarding the diagnosis and prevention of occupational risks and diseases by studying the worker in his/her work environment. This activity is closely aimed at guaranteeing personal and material conditions at work to ensure workers’ health is kept at a certain level. This will help to achieve a safe working environment by providing the necessary personal protection elements according to the risks to which each worker is exposed in their job.


Amaia Pedruzo Suso: Head of Financial – Administration and Human Resources 
Tel.: +34 943 006290

Mikel Villar Fernández: Financial- Administration and Human Resources Manager Assistant
Tel.: +34 943 006252

Ainara Redondo Arruti: Human Resources Technician
Tel.: +34 943 006292

Jara Hortal Gutiérrez: Management Technical Assistant
Tfno.: +34 943 006135

Mireia Intxausti Mendikute: Management Technical Assistant
Tfno.: +34 943 006135


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