The Basque Biobank has a network structure and organization made up of nodes located at main healthcare centres, both public and private, in the Basque Country. The structure is composed, as stipulated to this end by Law 14/2007 on Biomedical Research, of a Scientific Director, a Data Controller, an Ethical Committee and a Scientific Committee. Biogipuzkoa HRI is part of this network, and has a DNA Unit located on the Institute’s first floor, as well as a Tissue Unit (tumours and brains) located on Floor -1 of the Maternity-Children’s Building at Donostia University Hospital (Donostialdea IHO).

The Basque Biobank was created by the Fundación Vasca de Innovación e Investigación Sanitarias (BIOEF) (Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research), answering to the Basque Government Department of Health, as an instrument to allow the Basque Country’s Healthcare System to carry out advanced biomedicine and biotechnology research, by managing classified biological samples an’ associated data (BOPV DECREE 135/2015, dated 7 July, ORDER dated 13 July 2015, Osakidetza Instruction 6/2016 dated 29 February 2016).

All kinds of samples, mainly oncological and neurological tissues and biological blood samples are collected from diagnostic excess, or requested for research purposes to obtain different products such as serum, plasma, DNA, RNA, cells, etc. Other sample types such as urine, saliva, etc., are also processed.