The Cell Culture Platform (CCP) was created to cover the needs of the  researchers at the Biogipuzkoa HRI, Research Centers, Technology Centers and external companies in Gipuzkoa working in cell culture to provide them with technical and scientific assistance.

The Platform offers technical assistance and services in the field of cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and analysis of cellular metabolism (SeaHorse). It also offers cryopreservation services.

The Cell Culture Platform is responsible for the correct operation and preventive maintenance of culture equipment (cabinets, incubators, etc.), the control of the general cleaning of the rooms, managing the appropriate documentation and preparation of cleaning and maintenance protocols, paying particular attention to waste management, biosafety plus microbiological and mycoplasma control.

In 2021, with the acquisition of new infrastructures, the Cell Culture Platform has given shape to two new Units:

  • Confocal Microscopy Unit.
  • Flow Cytometry Unit.

The Cell Culture Platform of the Biogipuzkoa Health Research Institute forms part of the Spanish Network for Advanced Optical Microscopy (REMOA).


The platform manages its processes according to the guidelines of Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, while its Quality Management System is certified by AENOR. This lends added value to the work carried out by the Platform, particularly with a view to external applicants for its services, and fosters trust regarding the extent of the Quality applied to the processing of their requests.

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