The Innovation Support Unit’s mission is to foster, boost and disseminate an innovative culture, providing a suitable framework in which to create multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary teams that can come together and collaborate in the joint design of technologies, and so enable them to find solutions to as yet unresolved clinical problems.

The Unit’s objective is to convert ideas into benefits for the patients and wealth for the country.

The Unit therefore applies the guidelines of Standard UNE 166002:2021 “R&D&I Management Systems” and, as endorsement of its consistency with the said standard, holds the Certificate for its System issued by AENOR.

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Among the System documents is the R&D&i Policy, a declaration of intent regarding the future management and approach of this Biogipuzkoa HRI strategic process and which, as a requirement of the Standard, must be made available to interested parties external to the Institute.

Consult our R+D+i policy

In the exceptional setting of San Sebastián, home of R&D&I in health, universities, research centres, technology centres and companies, the Unit serves as a connection between the people making up the Basque Country’s first Health Research Institute and all of the other organisations and companies referred to.

The Innovation Support Unit, through its participation in the Medical Technology Innovation Network (ITEMAS ISCIII), known from 2021 as Revitalisation and innovation of the industrial capacities of the NHS and their effective transfer to the production-sector, aims to boost translational research by generating innovation in the non-pharmacological sector of medical and health technologies and material, as regards equipment, devices, reagents, materials and ICT in healthcare. Nowadays the Biogipuzkoa HRI takes part in the ITEMAS ISCIII Management Board whose role is to support the network Coordinator on its key duties.


The Institute, through the Innovation Support Unit, has taken part in the Trans-border Network for Biomedical Research of the Pyrenees, REFBIO II, funded by POCTEFA (European Union Programme for Territorial Co-operation INTERREG V-A Spain-France-Andorra) aimed at promoting sustainable development of the border territory of the three countries.

Earlier, in REFBIO I, nine co-operative research projects were carried out with the participation of IIS Biogipuzkoa.


Our activities are mainly aimed at ensuring that the R+D results from the public-private collaboration reach society as a whole:





  • Pneumococcal Serotyping Kit.
  • Test to detect fatty liver blood markers in order to quantify the risk of disease (OWL Fat).
  • Test to detect blood markers associated with DNA modifications which may cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (OWL Genomics).


The Innovation Support Unit team is made up of the following members:

  • Arantza Abad Alba Ph.D. : Innovation Support Unit Administrator: responsible for administration at the Innovation Support Unit.
  • Olatz Arrizabalaga Garde Ph.D. : R&D&i Management and Scientific Coordination.
  • Amaia Del Villar Álvarez PhD. : Innovation Support Unit External Agents Coordination.
  • Marisabel Arzamendi Sesé: Project Unit Manager. R&D&i project administrative management. Competitive fund search.
  • Catalina Arrieta Villalante: Technological Transfer Technician at  Innovation Support Unit.
  • Itxaso Calbano Osinaga: Methodologist-Statistician at Innovation Support Unit.
  • Álvaro Ricón Rivera: Digital Innovation Technician at Innovation Support Unit.
  • Maider San Torcuato Labaien: Innovation Management Technician at Innovation Support Unit.
  • Sonsoles García García: Support Technician.