The HRI Biogipuzkoa Molecular Diagnostics Platform was set up to cover the demand from hospitals and private centers for different molecular studies on genetic pathologies, using their experience in the new Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques.

Within genetic pathologies, hereditary illnesses are caused by DNA, genes and/or chromosomes alterations and they are defined as any pathology that can be transmitted to descendants, each following a determined inheritance pattern, with a clinical manifestation that might appear or not at any time in the life of the affected person.

The HRI Biogipuzkoa Molecular Diagnostics Platform offers a large range of genetic pathology diagnosis to patients with clinical symptoms suggesting a genetic disease, family members of current patients and prenatal studies on couples that are carriers of any mutation and/or with family record.

The Platform offers all its resources, technology and knowledge guaranteeing personalized care from a qualified team that will provide relevant, individualized genetic counselling to the specialist clinic of origin.

Molecular diagnostics portfolio Biogipuzkoa HRI 

The platform manages its processes according to the guidelines of Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, while its Quality Management System is certified by AENOR. This lends added value to the work carried out by the Platform, particularly with a view to external applicants for its services, and fosters trust regarding the extent of the Quality applied to the processing of their requests.

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Another endorsement of its performance is the EMQN certificate, which accredits its level of quality in obtaining the results of its diagnoses, at European level.

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