The activities carried out by IIS Biodonostia are in line with the Research and Innovation in Health Strategy 2020 and with RIS3, included in the R+D+i 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and in the specific Strategic Lines defined therein.

Thus, within the framework of the R+D+i 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and as an agent of the RVCTI, IIS Biodonostia aims to develop cross-cutting Specialisation/Differentiation strategies (Ageing, Personalised Precision Medicine) and Market Orientation toward Results in Health (Innovation), mobilising all the resources of the Institute itself and of OSI Donostialdea to carry out research, development and innovation activities, with the collaboration of other RVCTI agents and companies.


The Ageing Strategy, named with the acronym IKAGURE-BD, is carried out by means of collaboration between different Research Groups form IIS Biodonostia and OSI Donostialdea, also involving several players in the field who work in healthcare. +info


Personalised Precision Medicine
The Cross-Cutting Area of Personalised Precision Medicine, PPM, mainly consists of three IIS Biodonostia Research Groups: Hepatic Diseases (Dr Bañales), Gastrointestinal Genetics (Dr Garcia Etxebarria) and Molecular Oncology (Dr Lawrie). +info


Mainly through the Innovation Support Unit (ISU), the Strategy promotes people being entrepreneurs and innovating, taking advantage of the innovative potential of other people and organisations in the area, managing innovative ideas and projects to make them a reality. +info