Personalised Precision Medicine (PPM) could be defined as the identification and application of preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic treatment adapted to each patient’s individual characteristics, using Precision Medicine to this end. It should be mentioned that this does not literally entail creating unique medical tools for each patient, but rather classifying patients into sub-populations for a better prognostic or response to a treatment more suitable to their illness.

PPM is an innovation in how to provide healthcare through more effective diagnostic strategies and treatments, so as to obtain solutions to guarantee the sustainability of Healthcare Systems. In this regard, over the past few years, several countries are implementing PPM initiatives and strategies at a national level. In Europe, there are several groups working to unify policies and quality standards and to generalise good practises in relation to ethics and secure access to shared information.

In Spain, to date, no cross-cutting PPM strategy has been developed. However, there are many strategies and initiatives that develop different aspects regarding its implementation in autonomous communities and across the country. One example of this is the Smart Specialisation Strategy RIS3 Euskadi, where Precision Medicine is considered a priority.

Under the aforementioned general framework, the activities carried out by IIS Biogipuzkoa are in line with the Basque Country Research and Innovation in Health Strategy 2022-2025 and with RIS3 and are included in the R+D+i Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

In this regard, IIS Biogipuzkoa carries out cross-cutting strategies in order to conduct research, development and innovation activities with the collaboration of RVCTI agents and companies, leading to a cross-cutting strategy based on Specialisation/Differentiation in Personalised Precision Medicine (PPM).

In addition to falling in line with national and autonomous-community strategies, this line of specialisation seeks to drive synergies and promote inter-area cross-cutting projects based on Precision Medicine.

Thus, at IIS Biogipuzkoa, three groups have been firmly established as members of this strategy:

  • Hepatic Disease Group – headed by Dr Bañales
  • Gastrointestinal Genetics Group – led by Dr Garcia Etxebarria
  • Molecular Oncology Group- headed by Dr Lawrie

Additional information: Memoria MPP 2017.

Dr. Jesús María Bañales:
Dr. Koldo Garcia Etxebarria:
Dr. Charles Lawrie: