This Unit’s mission is to promote quality research and to procure external resources for research projects; its main function is to provide methodological and biostatistical support to other researchers, both internal and outside of the Institute.


  • Design of the project in collaboration with the client, drawing up a draft project in which:
    • The theoretical model and hypotheses are specified and operationalised.
    • Objectives are set.
    • The research strategy is selected: design.
    • The methodology to be used is described: population to be studied, inclusion and exclusion criteria, type of sampling, calculation of sample size, definition of variables and data collection process.
    • The statistical analysis plan is designed.
    • Limitations are envisaged and how to prevent or minimise them.
  • Design and creation of data bases for research studies.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Interpretation and presentation of results (tables, graphs, etc.).
  • Teaching about statistics tools.


Maider Mateo-Abad
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Lore Zumeta Olaskoaga
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Amaia Calvo Zabala
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Jone Renteria Aguirregabiria
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