Verónica Moncho-Amor – Investigadora postdoctoral en IIS Biodonostia

Salón de Actos-IIS Biodonostia




Neddylation is a post-translational protein modification that controls multiple biological processes by covalently conjugating Nedd8 to specific targets. Neddylation takes part in neurogenesis and neuron differentiation. However, little is known regarding its function in brain aging. First, we identified that Neddylation is increased in human and mouse samples from neurogenic niches with age. Effect of inhibition of Neddylation with Nae1+/- mice was investigated and compared to control animals at young and advanced age. Whereas no differences were found in young individuals, aged Nae1+/- display cognitive defects such as impaired memory and neuromuscular activity or increased anxiety. Proteome analysis identified pathways related to astrocytes and microglia differentially expressed in Nae1+/- mice, which were validated by immunofluorescence. In summary, our results reveal that Neddylation plays a role in neurodegeneration.