Dr. Majid Khatib - Research director at INSERM

Biodonostia OIIko-Ekitaldi Aretoa.



Dr. Majid Khatib obtained his PhD from the University of Paris and completed his postdoctoral training at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Starting in 2002, he directed his own laboratory as Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), University of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada). Since 2008, he has been a research director at INSERM. His research activity is mainly dealing with tumor microenvironment and the identification of new prognostic and therapeutic strategies based on the regulation of protein maturation and activity. His research team has discovered and characterized various substrates of these proteases and demonstrated the importance of their processing in the mediation of neoplasia and anti-tumoral immune responses. Using various drug repositioning strategies, the laboratory of Dr. Khatib is also interested in the identification of small molecules inhibitors and drugs able to block the maturation of the PC substrates and reduce the malignant phenotype of tumor cells.