Joanna Ines Lopez Velazco - Doktoratu aurreko ikaslea Biodonostia OIIan.

Biodonostia OIIko-Ekitaldi Aretoan



Oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer (referred to as ER+ BC) represents almost the 70% of all breast malignancies. Antiestrogenic or endocrine therapy is the cornerstone of ER+ BC treatment, being the neoadjuvant (preoperative) setting a very attractive scenario to find novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies. Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy (NET) can result in pathological and clinical response rates similar to those observed with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NCT) although with lower toxicity. An important advantage of NET is that it allows “in vivo” evaluation of response, hence granting real-time examination of drug efficacy as well as investigation of the biological and molecular changes that occur after estrogenic deprivation. In the clinical practice, understanding the link between tumour response to NET and long-term outcome will help clinicians to individualize adjuvant treatment for ER+ BC. In this context, there is an urgent need for the identification of robust, reproducible biomarkers of response to NET with long term prognostic value. In our group, we generated a prospectively collected series of ER+ BC patients treated with NET in order to investigate the dynamics of tumour response. In this presentation, I will show you the results of my PhD project, based on finding biomarkers of response to endocrine therapy in ER+ breast cancer.