Charles Lawrie – Onkologia Arloko Arduraduna Biodonostia OIIan.

Biodonostia OIIko-Ekitaldi Aretoan



Cancer is the sixth most common cause of death worldwide with more than 20 million cases and 10 million mortalities every single year. Thankfully survival has been improving with scientific/medical advances and has doubled to >50% since the 1970s. Clearly there remains much room for improvement which is possible through 1) prevention (reducing risk factors); 2) earlier detection (screening and earlier diagnosis) and 3) better treatment (e.g. personalized medicine). Personlised medicine tailors the treatment to the patient rather than the disease through the (primarily) molecular identification of patients that are likely to respond to targeted treatment, which in turn depends on the availability of robust 1) biomarkers, 2) diagnostic technology and 3) targeted treatments. In this talk we will discuss some of the research that we are carrying out in the Molecular Oncology lab in these three areas, and discuss the challenges in order to translate this knowledge into clinical reality.