The hiring of rooms includes lighting, heating or air conditioning, cleaning and the use of the technical resources specified in each room. Any additional service shall be charged separately.

Any damage of any kind to BioDonostia HRI’s facilities caused by their use shall be the responsibility of the person hiring said facilities.

BioDonostia HRI does not take responsibility for the removal of, or damages to, material belonging to the organisers and used for the event’s development.

For every application, the corresponding personalised quote shall be issued, giving details of all the services requested, and sent to the applicant for approval.

External rates

Half Day

Full Day

Assembly Room

750 €

1.000 €

Training Room

500 €

750 €

Videoconference Room

275 €

400 €

Meeting Room

200 €

300 €


* I.V.A. not included.

* The IIS Biodonostia can manage hiring a catering service, as well as additional technical assistance is required. These and some other services not covered in this rate, budgeted individually on request.