Group co-leader:
Alberto García-Zamalloa Zamalloa, Ph.D.
Debabarrena IHO.
Group co-leader:
Iñaki Salegi Etxebeste, Ph.D.
Donostialdea IHO.

Alberto García-Zamalloa qualified as a Doctor in Medicine at the University of the Basque Country (2006) and as a Physician in Internal Medicine at the Donostia University Hospital, where he currently goes about his work. He has also been a member of the Basque Government’s Tuberculosis Control Committee since 2003. Prior to this he was a member of the Basque Government’s Vaccine Advisory Committee (2017-2022).
He has 21 articles published in national and international journals and has participated in 10 workshops, papers, moderation committees and talks at national and international congresses.

Iñaki Salegi Etxebeste has a Degree in Medicine earned at the University of the Basque Country-UPV (1990), and qualified as a Doctor in Medicine at the UPV (2000) and as a Specialist in Pulmonology, as a Resident Medical Intern. He has been working for the Pulmonology Service at the Donostia University Hospital-HUD since 2011, initially as an assistant physician until 2017, and later as head of the Pulmonology Section until 2020, since when he has been Head of the Pulmonology Service. He provides care at the HUD monographic surgery on Diffuse Interstitial Lung Diseases (DILD). He completed his University Master’s Degree in the Diagnosis and Treatment of DILD in 2020 (UCAM).

He is also an associate professor of medicine on the subject of Medical Pathology I (respiratory) at the Medicine Teaching Unit of the UPV Faculty of Medicine in San Sebastián (since 2012) and has directed 12 final degree projects.

He holds the copyright for international patent P3702XX00 (2014) related to a medical device (vibrating mesh nebulizer).

Strategic Objectives

  • Creation of a biobank of pulmonary and pleural samples.
  • Creation of a database associated to the above.

Main lines of research

  • Respiratory Pathology:
    • Project to quantify asbestos bodies in biological respiratory samples.
    • Design of a device to perform post-mortem pulmonary biopsies.
    • Validation of “Donostia Criteria” for the screening of patients with a medium/high risk of suffering AOS in collaboration with Primary Care.
    • Identifying factors of alveolar hypoventilation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
    • Local fibrinolysis/fragmentation/embolectomy in intermediate high-risk PE vs conventional treatment.
  • Pleural Pathology:
    • Creation of an App for the differential diagnosis between malignant and tuberculous pleural effusion, independently of local prevalence or probability.
    • Analysis of the LDH/ADA ratio in the differential diagnosis of tuberculous-malignant-metapneumonic pleural effusion (database of 1300 pleural effusions at Mendaro Hospital 1992-2021).
    • Analysis of the percentage and diagnosis of non-tuberculous pleural effusions with a ratio of ADA>40 in the period 1992-2021 (same database).
    • Analysis of the existence of pleural fluid values predicting non-pulmonary reexpansion in massive pleural effusions.

Team Members

Name Surname Center E-mail
Borja Aguinagalde Valiente Donostialdea IHO
Celia Gil Rodríguez Donostialdea IHO
Celia Fatima Gómez Dominguez Donostialdea IHO
Marta Inchausti Iguiñiz Donostialdea IHO
María Aranzazu Juaristi Abaunz Donostialdea IHO
Beñat Labeguerie Arenaza Donostialdea IHO
Juan Antonio Miguel Arce Donostialdea IHO
Alejandro Rezola Carasusan Donostialdea IHO
Agustina Rivas Guerrero Donostialdea IHO
Iñaki Royo Gutiérrez Donostialdea IHO
Nerea Miren Segues Merino Donostialdea IHO
Ane Zufiaurre Echeverría Donostialdea IHO