The work presented landed First Prize for Innovation and Excellence in addressing different aspects of the diabetic patient at the 59th  SEEN Congress 2017.

Barcelona’s International Convention Centre was the setting, from 18th-20th October, of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) 59th Congress 2017. The congress had the objective to address widely prevailing health problems in society and with a high degree of complexity, pathologies in which important scientific progress is being made. Thus, at this forum, the SEEN members communicated and discussed the progress achieved.

The work developed by the team headed by Dr. Alfredo Yoldi Arrieta, Head of the Endocrinology Department at the Donostialdea IHO was applauded in the framework of this congress with the FSEEN 2017 First Prize for innovation and excellence for the way it addresses different aspects of the diabetic patient. The work reflects the experience of monitoring patients who use insulin and are treated with steroids, whose treatment is remotely adjusted through the health file.

Note that the prizewinning work was carried out in the framework of the 2016 Call for Bottom-Up Projects, promoted by the Donostialdea IHO and managed through Biodonostia. Bottom-Up projects are innovative initiatives coming from health organisations and headed in their design and development by health professionals in the care network. They include best practices, projects which improve the quality of services provided to users, innovative organisational projects or the taking of initiatives already developed at other organisations.

Endocrinology Department at the Donostialdea IHO