Howy Jacobs

Assembly Room



Prof Howy Jacobs is visiting the Mitochondrial Health and Longevity Group on Friday the 3rd November at short notice. He will give a 30 minute presentation of his work on mitochondrial thermogenesis to the group at 11 am in Salon de Actos, entitled “Mitochondria – Some Like It Hot”. Anyone with an interest in hearing the talk is welcome; however, please let Marina Villar (marina.villarfernandez@biodonostia.org) or Ian Holt (ian.holt@biodonostia.org) know if you plan to attend to, so that we have an idea of numbers.

Howy Jacobs is Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology in Tampere University, Finland (since 1996). Educated in Cambridge, Glasgow and Caltech, he has spent most of his career studying aspects of mitochondria, including mitochondrial DNA transactions, the pathophysiology and molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial disease, and the properties of alternative respiratory chain enzymes. Most recently he has been studying the thermobiology of mitochondria. As well as winning a number of prestigious research awards and lecture invitations, Howy has been active in the affairs of EMBO, notably as Chief Editor of EMBO Reports (2009-2014), and has undertaken numerous other tasks in scientific publication, conferencing and public communication, notably as screenwriter and narrator of the award-winning TV science documentary series Suomen Tulevaisuus (The Future of Finland).

His group develops fundamental knowledge about the genetics and biochemistry of mitochondria, which can guide the design of novel therapies for diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. We also seek a better understanding of how heat production in mitochondria affects physiological processes at the organelle, cell and whole organism level.