Oihane Mitxelena Iribarren – Investigadora postdoctoral en IIS Biodonostia.

Salón de Actos-IIS Biodonostia.



Critical-sized bone defects are defined as those that will not heal spontaneously within a patient’s lifetime. These non-union bone defects are common in cases of major orthopedic fracture and bone loss (particularly those resulting from trauma) and they have an increasing prevalence when considering the rise in osteoporosis cases. In fact, over 2 million surgical cases require bone graft to repair these defects each year worldwide. However, current products and clinical practice have their limitations.

Bioengineered bone graft systems need to be able to guide the regrowth of new bone into substantial voids and, therefore, implants pre-seeded with mineralizing cells are of significant clinical interest. To facilitate this process and improve bone regeneration, the EU-funded HEALIKICK project is working on a novel combinatorial approach that employs a granular graft material with a highly osteogenic coating seeded with pre-differentiated osteogenic adipose mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs). In this context, our group implements the multiscale characterization of biological tissues, paying special attention to the biomaterial-tissue interface.

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