As per Spanish standards regulating the use of cookies regarding providing electronic communications services, included in Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, dated 30 March, we inform you as to the cookies used on the IIS Biodonostia website (hereafter, “the Website”) the reason for their use. Additionally, IIS Biodonostia informs you that by browsing the Website, you are providing your consent to use them.

The cookies used on our Webpage belong to us and to third parties, and they allow us to store and access information regarding the language, the browser type used and other general characteristics pre-defined by the user, as well as track and analyse the activity that they carry out, so as to improve and provide our services in a more efficient, personalised manner. IIS Biodonostia does not use advertising cookies or behavioural advertising cookies.

Using cookies offers several advantages in providing information society services, since, in addition to other reasons: It makes it easier for the use to browse the Website and to access the different services that it offers; (ii) it makes it so the user does not have to configure general pre-defined features every time they access the Website; (iii) it improves operation and the services provided through the Website, after the corresponding analysis of information obtained through the cookies installed.

Notwithstanding, you may configure your browser, either accepting or rejecting all cookies, or select those whose installation you wish to permit and those you do not, following one of the procedures listed, depending on the browser in use:

On their Website, IIS Biodonostia uses:

Technical cookies:

These are the cookies necessary to transmit a communication by means of an electronic communications network, or those that prove to be strictly necessary to provide an expressly requested information society service. Setting your browser to prevent installation of these cookies may make it impossible to browse the Website or enjoy the expressly requested service.

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Personalisation cookies:

These are cookies that allow the user to access the Website with a few predefined features of a general nature, including the language, browser type and regional settings. Setting your browser so that it prevents installing these cookies may lead to the need to set it every time you access it.

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Analysis cookies:

These cookies monitor and analyse user behaviour on websites to which they are related.

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Cookies used by add-ons belonging to external content providers

Cookies used by add-ons from external content providers are necessary for the user to be able to access contents or services provided by third-party providers.

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