Biodonostia consigue la capacitación para realizar PCR para el diagnóstico de COVID-19

El Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia (IIS Biodonostia) forma parte desde ayer  del grupo de centros que han logrado la capacitación del Instituto de Salud CarlosIII (ISCIII), referente del Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, para, mediante la realización de pruebas de reacción en cadena de la polimerasa, PCR, ayudar en el ... + info

Relación de alumnos seleccionados para las prácticas de verano de 2020 en el IIS Biodonostia

Se hace pública la relación de alumnos aceptados para la realización de las Prácticas de Verano de 2020 en el Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia: Madalen Arribas Galarreta Sara Cruces Salguero Irene Pi Martín Aroa Elortza Payros Irune Lasa Elosegi Amaia Alday Izagirre El tutor asignado responsable de las prácticas se ... + info

Prize to an experience on remote monitoring of insulin-using patients treated with steroids

The work presented landed First Prize for Innovation and Excellence in addressing different aspects of the diabetic patient at the 59th  SEEN Congress 2017. Barcelona’s International Convention Centre was the setting, from 18th-20th October, of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) 59th Congress 2017. The congress had ... + info

Predoctoral researchers at the Biodonostia HRI present the results of the Ikagure Strategy on ageing at the international congress

The results presented are part of their respective Doctoral Theses, focussed on identifying impact of the transcription factor SOX2, an essential gene for correct stem cell activity and function, on the ageing of tissue and the organism. Predoctoral researchers Leire Moreno and Laura Yndriago from the Cellular Oncology (headed by Ander Matheu) ... + info

Osakidetza participates in the creation of three devices to detect prenatal genetic disease

The “AngeLab” project, in which the Basurto University Hospital Genetics Unit and the Genetics Service of the Donostia University Hospital-Biodonostia Institute participate, has enabled the development of three devices based on microfluidics technology mainly focussed on analysing the foetal DNA circulating in the mother’s bloodstream ... + info

Donostia hosts a scientific gathering on multiple sclerosis organised by Biodonostia

The sessions had the objective to update different aspects of clinical interest related to the illness. San Sebastián was the setting on 20th and 21st October of the meeting DECIPHERING MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, organised by the Biodonostia HRI and sponsored by Novartis with the Backing of Continuing Education requested from the Spanish Society of ... + info

Biodonostia participates in a professional meeting on technology transfer as part of REFBIO II

A total of 134 professionals and 19 companies from the biomedical sector in the Pyrenees area participated in the conference. BIOEF, the Basque Foundation for Health Research and Innovation, held the professional meeting “Refbio II Technological Transfer Workshop” at its headquarters on 17th October. The event, organised by the Basque ... + info

A study by Biodonostia identifies the origin of the cells giving rise to nervous tissue using adult tissues such as skin

These findings will accelerate the use of these cells in regenerative medicine, with potential application in neurodegenerative diseases. The Stem Cell Reports journal, belonging to the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) and published by Cell Press, published in its online edition of 12th October a study carried out by ... + info


The magazine Scientific Reports, from the prestigious group Nature, has published a research work. Led by the IIS Biodonostia Cellular Oncology group and doctors from the Donostia University Hospital (OSI Donostialdea), it describes how the SOX1 gene contributes to the formation and progression of the glioblastoma, the most common malignant ... + info

ROLL TO ROLL, a system to manufacture adhesive films with antimicrobial activity

IIS Biodonostia and Donostia University Hospital are participating in the European project “FLEXPOL,” developing a pilot line for the efficient, low-cost production of antimicrobial adhesive films, validating the film’s activity and valuing its efficacy, durability and resistance, in addition to other elements. Safety rails ... + info


Last 26 April, the third meeting for members of the Proyecto Red de investigación biomédica transfronteriza (Cross-Border Biomedical Research Network Project) (Refbio II) was held at IIS Biodonostia’s headquarters in San Sebastian. This consortium currently holds 9 entities (research centres, hospitals, company clusters and one ... + info