Last 26 April, the third meeting for members of the Proyecto Red de investigación biomédica transfronteriza (Cross-Border Biomedical Research Network Project) (Refbio II) was held at IIS Biodonostia’s headquarters in San Sebastian. This consortium currently holds 9 entities (research centres, hospitals, company clusters and one university) from 6 regions from both sides of the Pyrenees.

During Refbio’s initial phase, the network’s objectives were established, which were to promote competitive research in health areas such as neuroscience, epidemiology and public and cardiovascular health, infectious diseases and clinical trials, oncology, haematology and cellular therapy, which will encourage cooperation in healthcare. Refbio involved over 2,000 professionals and conducted 17 research projects.

During the second phase (2016-2018), the network seeks to strengthen this cooperation by driving cross-border R+D+i projects, providing for the transfer and effective exploitation of R+D biomedical results for companies and clusters. Moreover, it aims to propitiate scientific enrichment through research staff mobility, granting it access to research and training infrastructures.

Currently, the 9 entities in Refbio are:

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