Molecular Oncology

Group leader: Charles Lawrie, Ph.D.

Biodonostia HRI. Ikerbasque Research Professor.

Strategic Objectives

  • To understand the molecular pathogenesis of haematological diseases (and other types of cancer) and the translation of that knowledge to clinical environments.
  • To identify and develop new biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Main lines of research

  • The identification and assessment of the utility of circulating microRNA/RNA as non-invasive cancer biomarkers.
  • Identification of factors behind drug resistance and new therapeutic procedures to treat cancer by using coding viral libraries for siRNA/microRNA.
  • Identification of new mutations on the site of target gene-microRNA interaction and in the sequence of the same microRNA associated with cancer.
  • Characterisation of the target miRNA:mRNA interface in cancer.

Team Members

Name Surname Center E-mail
María Araiz Ramírez Donostialdea IHO
Angela Araujo Biodonostia HRI
Maria Arestín Muruzabal Biodonostia HRI
María Armesto Álvarez Biodonostia HRI
Esther Arnaiz González Biodonostia HRI
Laura Basterretxea Badiola Donostialdea IHO
Enrique Bengoechea Nerecan Donostialdea IHO  –
Izaskun Ceberio Echechipia Donostialdea IHO
Giovanni Di Pinto Biodonostia HRI
Maitane Márquez López Biodonostia HRI
Carla Solé Cañadas Biodonostia HRI
Maitena Tellaeche Abete Biodonostia HRI


Scientific Output


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