Multiple Sclerosis

Group co-leader: David Otaegui, Ph.D.

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Group co-leader: Tamara Castillo Triviño, Ph.D.

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Our Group has been researching Multiple Sclerosis and other neuroimmunological diseases for more than 20 years. We are a multidisciplinary group who combine laboratory research with our everyday work at the clinic, focussing our interests on achieving better understanding of how the pathology functions and the variables which can affect its development. Our research is therefore fundamentally translational and patient-oriented. We also have as our objective to disseminate science and scientific culture by means of disclosing our findings, bringing our projects and outcomes to patients and society.

Strategic Objectives

  • To monitor the clinical variables of Multiple Sclerosis through a database enabling us to better handle the disease.
  • To understand the process of flare-ups and remyelination. Characterisation of the transcriptome and its regulation by means of non-coding RNAs in the different stages of the disease.
  • To understand communication between cells through the extracellular vesicles and their potential use as a biomarker and/or therapeutic tool.
  • To analyse the remyelination processes and the potential approximations for improving these processes by vehiculating snRNA to the Central Nervous System.
  • To study the implication of intestinal microbiota in development of the disease and its potential modulation as a therapeutic tool.
  • To understand the disease as a whole, combining the aspects learned in the different lines in order to generate biomarkers enabling the improved therapeutic handling of each patient.
  • To carry out studies on quality of life, pain, side effects and environmental effects (sun, smoking, etc.) on our patients.
  • To participate in clinical trials.
  • Characterisation of the age effect on the disease, studying paediatric Multiple Sclerosis and the effect of imunosenescence on patients.

Main lines of research

  • Our group has several open lines of research, complementary to one another:
  • Regulation of the Transcriptome.
  • Extracellular vesicles in Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Characterisation of remyelination.
  • Microbiota in autoimmune diseases.
  • Paediatric Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Inmunosenescence.
  • Environmental effects on the progress of the disease.

Team Members

Name Surname
Center E-mail
Naiara Andrés Marín Donostialdea IHO
Maialen Arruti Gonzalez Donostialdea IHO
Tamara Castillo Triviño Goierri – Alto Urola IHO
Miriam Gorostidi Aicua Biodonostia HRI
Leire Iparraguirre Gil Biodonostia HRI
Andrea Iribarren López Biodonostia HRI
Idoia Mendiburu Arrieta Donostialdea IHO
Laura Moles Alegre Biodonostia HRI
Maider Muñoz Culla Biodonostia HRI
Alvaro Prada Iñurrategui Donostialdea IHO
Leire Romarate García Biodonostia HRI
Lucia Elena Sepúlveda Sánchez Biodonostia HRI
Jose Alberto Suárez Vázquez Biodonostia HRI


Scientific Output


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