Mental Health and Psychiatric Care

Responsable de Grupo: Álvaro Iruin Sanz, M.D., Ph.D.

Red de Salud Mental
Dr. Álvaro Iruin Sanz has a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), specialising in Psychiatry. He is Leader of the Mental Health and Psychiatric Care Group at the Biodonostia HRI and Director of the Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network, of Osakidetza-SVS and member of the Basque Advisory Council on Mental Health. He has more than 33 publications to his name.

Strategic Objectives

  • Contribute to knowledge on risk factors and protection of mental health in adult and infant-youth population.
  • Design and assess new interventions that make more effective prevention and treatment possible for mental pathologies.
  • Contribute to knowledge on aspects of mental health service organisation, helping it to work better.

Main lines of research

  • Mental health in adult populations:
    • Promotion and prevention in mental health.
      •  Study of risk and protection factors in mental health.
        •  Mental disorder prevention programmes
    • Therapeutic intervention models for mental pathologies.
      •  Procedure for psychosis in young adults.
      •  Procedure for redisual schizophrenia.
      •  Procedure for major depression.
      •  Procedure for problematic consumption of alcohol.
  • Mental health in infant-youth populations:
    • Promotion and prevention in mental health.
      •  Early detection of neuro-development pathologies.
    • Therapeutic intervention models for mental pathologies.
      •  Procedure for severe mental disorders.
  • Research into mental health systems and policies:
    • Research into mental health systems.

Team Members

Name Surname
Center E-mail
Jose Manuel Chouza Perez Red de Salud Mental
Enrique Echeburua Odriozola UPV – EHU
Andrea Gabilondo Cuellar Red de Salud Mental
Bidane González Mugerza UPV – EHU
Juan Carlos Irurzun Palacios Red de Salud Mental
Idoia Iturbe Telleria UPV – EHU
Xabier Lertxundi Aginaga Red de Salud Mental
Edurne Maiz Aldalur UPV – EHU
Luis Miguel Moreno Iñiguez Red de Salud Mental
Álvaro Múzquiz Jiménez Red de Salud Mental
Eva Pereda Pereda UPV – EHU
Jose Ignacio Pérez Fernandez UPV – EHU
Anna Riera Martin Red de Salud Mental
María Ruiz Iriondo UPV – EHU
Karmele Salaberria Irizar UPV – EHU
Macarena Valencia Villareal Red de Salud Mental


Scientific Output


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