Mental Health and Psychiatric Care

Group leader: Andrea Gabilondo Cuellar, Ph.D.

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Group leader: Dr. Álvaro Iruin Sanz

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Andrea Gabilondo Cuellar  is a psychiatric doctor with the Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network (Osakidetza), Doctor in Biomedicine and Master in Public Health from the Pompeu Fabra University, International Master in Mental Health Policies and Services from the Nova University in Lisbon. She has worked on the development of mental health prevention and promotion programmes and on research into the epidemiology of depression and suicidal behaviour, an activity she carried out at the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Public Health Department, the Institut Hospital del Mar d’investigacions Biomèdiques in Barcelona and at Osakidetza. She has participated in more than 45 publications including scientific articles, technical reports and clinical guides. She is a member of the team responsible for coordinating the Basque Suicide Prevention Strategy. Dr. Álvaro Iruin Sanz has a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), specialising in Psychiatry. He is Leader of the Mental Health and Psychiatric Care Group at the Biodonostia HRI and Director of the Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network, of Osakidetza-SVS and member of the Basque Advisory Council on Mental Health. He has more than 33 publications to his name.

Strategic Objectives

  • Contribute to knowledge on risk factors and protection of mental health in adult and infant-youth population.
  • Design and assess new interventions that make more effective prevention and treatment possible for mental pathologies.
  • Contribute to knowledge on aspects of mental health service organisation, helping it to work better.

Main lines of research

Mental health in the adult population

  • Serious mental illness and Substance Use Disorder
  • Promotion and prevention in mental health.
    • Suicide prevention
    • Promotion of emotional wellbeing / prevention of mild mental disorder
    • Perinatal mental health
    • Epidemiology of mental disorders

Mental health in children and young people

  • Early detection of neurodevelopmental pathologies.
  • Risk and protection factors in the mental health of children and young people.

Research into mental health systems and policies

  • Analysis of the efficiency of mental health systems.

Team Members

Name Surname
Center E-mail
Jose Manuel Chouza Perez Red de Salud Mental
Bidane González Mugerza UPV – EHU
Juan Carlos Irurzun Palacios Red de Salud Mental
Idoia Iturbe Telleria UPV – EHU
Xabier Lertxundi Aginaga Red de Salud Mental
Edurne Maiz Aldalur UPV – EHU
Luis Miguel Moreno Iñiguez Red de Salud Mental
Álvaro Múzquiz Jiménez Red de Salud Mental
Eva Pereda Pereda UPV – EHU
Jose Ignacio Pérez Fernandez UPV – EHU
Anna Riera Martin Red de Salud Mental
María Ruiz Iriondo Biogipuzkoa HRI
Karmele Salaberria Irizar UPV – EHU
Macarena Valencia Villareal Red de Salud Mental


Scientific Output