AIDS and HIV Infections

Group leader: José Antonio Iribarren, M.D., Ph.D.

Donostialdea IHO

Strategic Objectives

To improve our patients’ care through applied clinical research in a sustainable framework.

Lines of research

  • HIV:
    • Effectiveness and efficiency of antiretroviral treatment (efficiency, virologic failure, etc.).
    • New care arrangements.
    • Cohort morbidity and mortality.
    • Access to clinical trials.
  • HIV/HVC co-infection:

    • Natural history in the age of TAR.
    • Alternatives to biopsy
    • Effectiveness of treatments.
    • Access to clinical trials.
  • Non-HIV infections:
    • Infective endocarditis.
    • Prosthetic joint infection and other infections of the musculoskeletal system.
    • Access to clinical trials (Clostridium difficile, cellulitis and other organ infections).

Team Members

Name Surname
Center E-mail
Ignacio Álvarez Rodríguez OSI Donostialdea
Harkaitz Azkune Galparsoro OSI Donostialdea
Maria Jesús Bustinduy Odriozola OSI Donostialdea
Xabier Camino Ortiz De Barrón OSI Donostialdea
Mª Pilar Carmona Oyaga OSI Donostialdea
Leire Gil Alonso OSI Donostialdea
Miguel Angel Goenaga Sánchez OSI Donostialdea
Maialen Ibarguren Pinilla OSI Donostialdea
Xabier Kortajarena Urkola OSI Donostialdea
Francisco Rodríguez Arrondo OSI Donostialdea
Miguel Angel Von Wichmann De Miguel OSI Donostialdea

Scientific Output


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