Economic Evaluation of Chronic Diseases

Group leader: Javier Mar Medina, PhD.

OSI Alto Deba
Dr. Javier Mar Medina has a Degree in Medicine and Surgery completed in 1979 and a Doctor in Medicine and Surgery obtained at the University of Navarra in 1989. He was a visiting research fellow for two months at Glasgow University in 2015. He is currently Head of Section of the Health Management Unit at the Alto Deba Hospital and is Head of the Research Group in the Economic Evaluation of Chronic Diseases within the Epidemiology and Public Health Area of the Biodonostia HRI. He is the Principal Researcher of several projects to have received competitive funding at national and autonomous level. Member of REDISEC (ISCIII Network) and of the ISPOR and SMDM Task Forces on models for economic evaluation. He is the author of more than 100 publications indexed in the last 20 years and has directed 5 doctoral theses in the last 10 years.

Objectives and lines

These are the main lines of work and their associated objectives:

Programme 1 P1: Evaluation of health policies.

This is a line of the epidemiological type related to measurement of the epidemiological and economic burden of chronic diseases, their determining factors and evaluation of the impact of their modification by health policies.

  • SP1 Measurement of the prevalence of dependence produced by chronic disease in the general population by means of mathematical models: ictus, acquired brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • SP2 Evaluation of the cost of disability associated to chronic disease: ictus, acquired brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • SP3 Total economic burden of chronic disease on the population: ictus, acquired brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • SP4 Evaluation of the impact on health and the economy of cancer screening programmes (breast and bowel) in the Basque Country.
  • SP5 Study and evaluation of the impact on the health of carers due to their work of caring for dependent elderly people.
  • SP6 Evaluation of the impact on health and costs of health policies aimed at reducing the consumption of salt and sugary drinks in the Spanish population.
  • SP7 Impact of osteoporosis treatments on the incidence of hip fractures.

Programme 2 P2: Evaluation of integrated organisational models for chronic diseases.

In our group we specify sub-programmes for patients with poly-pathology, pathology of the locomotor apparatus and cancer.

  • SP1 European CAREWELL project: Multi-level integration for patients with complex needs.
  • SP2 Evaluation of the application in Osakidetza of the integrated model of care for patients with poly-pathology.
  • SP3 Evaluation of an integrated model of care for pathology of the locomotor apparatus by means of discrete event simulation.
  • SP4 Studies of survival and costs of care in patients with prostate, bowel, breast and lung cancer.
  • SP5 Evaluation of an integrated model of health and social care for heart failure in the Alto Deba, Bajo Deba and Goierri-Alto Urola OHIs.

Programme 3 P3: Evaluation of health technologies

The economic evaluation methodology is complex due to requiring the use of mathematical models that represent the natural history of the disease. In the group we have a programme for evaluating interventions which has been applied to different treatments and diagnostic tests.

  • SP1 Use of thrombolysis treatment in the case of ictus.
  • SP2 Pharmacological treatment of hepatitis C with the new direct-acting antivirals
  • SP3 Diagnostic tests such as genetic testing aimed at predicting the risk of metastasis in breast cancer (Oncotype).
  • SP4 Evaluation of cost and quality of life in regard to using bariatric surgery in patients with morbid obesity
  • SP5 Population impact of hepatitis C treatment in Navarre

Team Members

Name Surname Center E-mail
Arantzazu Arrospide Elgarresta OSI Debagoiena
Iñigo Etxebarria Foronda OSI Debagoiena
Oliver Ibarrondo Olagüenaga OSI Debagoiena
María Luz Jáuregui García OSI Tolosaldea
Marisa Merino Hernández OSI Tolosaldea
Myriam Soto Ruiz De Gordoa OSI Debagoiena
Uxue Zubiaguirre Iturbe OSI Debagoiena

Scientific Output