Responsable de Grupo: Julio Arrizabalaga Aguirreazaldegui, M.D., Ph.D.

Biodonostia HRI - Donostialdea IHO

Strategic Objectives

The Innovation Group comes under the Bioengineering Area, one of the seven research areas at the BioDonostia HRI. It is made up of a group of associated researchers comprising representatives from different technological organisations, collaborating in a subject field that is not included in the priority areas of research, but whose development can lead to inclusion in any of the established groups or areas (Consolidated or Emerging).

The inter-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration model at the BioDonostia HRI is evident in this group, which promotes translational health research with the purpose of improving people’s quality of life.

The main focus of research are micro and nano biotechnologies, biomaterials, molecular imaging, ICT and e-health, always aimed at innovation.

This group began with the 2009 Strategic Health Action plan in the RETICS [Cooperative Health Research Thematics Networks] sub-programme, the funding of which boosted the creation of the Institute’s Innovation Unit, whose purpose was to generate innovation in the non-pharmacological field of medical and health technologies as regards equipment, appliances, reactives, materials and ICT in health.

The drive given to collaborative translational research on a national and international level from this Group has led to a third of the Institute’s projects being carried out with a technology partner.



Team Members

Name Surname Center E-mail
Arantza Abad Alba Biodonostia HRI
Amaia Albandoz Arranz BIOEF
Xabier Altuna Mariezcurrena Donostialdea IHO
Gorka Arenaza Choperena Donostialdea IHO
Olatz Arrizabalaga Garde Biodonostia HRI
Maria Isabel Arzamendi Sesé Biodonostia HRI
Susana Belaustegi Ituarte BIOEF
Amaia Del Villar Alvarez Biodonostia HRI
Daniel Dupin CIDETEC
Helga Anso Amenabar Biodonostia HRI
Iraida Loinaz Bordonabe CIDETEC
Pablo Martínez-Lage Álvarez CITA-Alzheimer
Joseph Mcintyre Tecnalia
Ander Ramos Murguialday Tecnalia
Idoia Tolosa Marín CIDETEC

Scientific Output


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