Doktoregaia / Doctorando: Ibai Goicoechea Oroz, investigador en el Laboratorio de Oncología Molecular en el IIS Biodonostia. .

Tesi Zuzendaria / Director de  Tesis: Charles Lawrie.

Data / Fecha: 2017ko Irailak 15, Ostirala / Viernes 15 de Septiembre de 2017.

Ordua / Hora: 12:00h.

Lekua / Lugar: : Enfermeritza Eskolako Gradu Aretoa / Salón de Grados de la Escuela de Enfermería.

Laburpena / Resumen:

The hallmarks of cancer are common traits to all cancers. miRNAs are small non-coding RNAs whose primary function is the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, therefore almost all biological process is regulated by miRNAs. In this thesis a functional screen approach was taken to identify miRNAs that are directly implemented in the hallmarks of cancer. A miRNA library was used for the over-expression of miRNAs and different hallmarks were studied in different cancers.

In that regard, the role of miRNAs in paclitaxel resistance and the role of miRNAs in migration and invasion was studied in breast cancer. Also the role of miRNAs in hypoxia and bevacizumab resistance was studied in colon cancer, and finally the role of miRNAs in proliferation of DLBCL was studied. In all these studies well known and novel miRNAs were identified and validated.

We have demonstrated that miRNAs have an important phenotypic role in the hallmarks of cancer and that functional screen is an efficient method for these studies. These results will lead to new therapeutics which may contribute to an improvement on the treatment of cancer patients.