Charles Lawrie & Lorea Manterola /Photo Usoz

A report published in the Diario Vasco newspaper towards the end of the year refers to the current situation of a research project carried out at Biodonostia on head and neck cancer by Charles Lawrie, an Ikerbasque researcher and head of the Institute’s Oncology area, together with Lorea Manterola, a member of the centre’s Molecular Oncology Group.

The origin of the report is the publication in the prestigious Scientific Reports journal of a scientific study on the early detection of head and neck cancer, and specifically on DNA biomarkers for the early detection of laryngeal cancer carried out at Biodonostia by the Institute’s Molecular Oncology group. Said report mentions a number of questions, such as the value of achieving a good diagnosis of premalignant lesions in order to be able to study their mutations and learn whether or not they will develop into cancer, with the importance this entails for their treatment. It also mentions the interest shown by hospitals from all over Northern Spain with respect to collaborating in the project.

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