Group leader: Iván Macía, Ph.D.

Vicomtech imacia@vicomtech.org

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop advanced IT systems based on the management, transmission and efficient display of information, data mining, semantic engineering and artificial intelligence that can improve the efficiency of the health system and the quality of patient care, both in the hospital environment and at home, in all areas of the health chain (management, prevention, diagnosis, therapy, follow-up and rehabilitation).
  • To develop IT systems aimed at a particular field or pathology, which use radiological images and other types of demographic or associated clinical information to improve the diagnoses and plan and implement interventions as accurately and safely as possible, through 2D/3D image analysis techniques, modelling of anatomical structures, artificial intelligence, display, virtual navigation, image-guided surgery and robotic surgery.
  • To develop IT systems for the analysis and display of biological and omic data, in order to speed up the biomedical research and performance of advanced diagnostic testing.

Main lines of research

  • Computer-aided diagnosis:
    • Image analysis.
    • Omic data analysis.
    • Display.
    • Artificial intelligence.
    • Semantic engineering.
  • Computer-assisted intervention and follow-up:
    • Pre-operative planning.
    • Intra-operative navigation, Image-guided surgery and Robotic surgery.
    • Post-treatment follow-up and rehabilitation.
  • Information Systems in Health:
    • Distributed systems.
    • Information Systems in Hospitals: Telemedicine, Home care and Independent living.

Team Members

Name Surname
Center E-mail
Roberto Álvarez Sánchez Vicomtech ralvarez@vicomtech.org
Mónica Arrue Gabarain Vicomtech
Arkaitz Artetxe Ballejo Vicomtech aartetxe@vicomtech.org
Andoni Beristain Iraola Vicomtech
Álvaro Bertelsen Simonetti Vicomtech abertelsen@vicomtech.org
Eduardo Carrasco Alonso Vicomtech ecarrasco@vicomtech.org
Camilo Andrés Cortés Acosta Vicomtech ccortes@vicomtech.org
Mariano De Blas Bravo Donostialdea IHO mariano.deblasbravo@osakidetza.eus
Jose Maria Egaña Barrenechea Donostialdea IHO josemaria.eganabarreneche@osakidetza.eus
Gorka Epelde Unanue Vicomtech gepelde@vicomtech.org
Ainhoa García Familiar Donostialdea IHO ainhoa.garciafamiliar@osakidetza.eus
Inmaculada Garcia Ocaña Vicomtech igarcia@vicomtech.org
Hans Jurgen Grande Telleria Cidetec hgrande@cidetec.es
Nekane Larburu Rubio Vicomtech nlarburu@vicomtech.org
Nerea Lete Urzelai Vicomtech nlete@vicomtech.org
Karen López-Linares Román Vicomtech klopez@vicomtech.org
Naiara Muro Amuchastegui Vicomtech nmuro@vicomtech.org
Davide Scorza Vicomtech
Aurora Maria Sucre Rodriguez Vicomtech amsucre@vicomtech.org


Scientific Output


Published: 10 / 79

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Published: 0 / 0


Published: 2 / 2

Special issue on innovations in medicine and healthcare Foreword.

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Phlegmasia cerulea dolens.

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Published: 1 / 1

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Published: 0 / 0


Projects 1 / 1

Plataforma integral para la planificación y consulta remota de patologías de la aorta tratadas endovascularmente.

Investigador principal: Mariano De Blas Bravo. Entidad financiadora: Gobierno Vasco, Departamento de Desarrollo Económico y Competitividad. Año inicio: 2014. Año final: 2014.